Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 1 1/2

After church, I felt much better. About myself, and life, and even my neighbor. God gently whispered in my heart that he knew me and loved me and was aware of my joys and hurts, as well as my neighbors and I wanted to give her a hug.

My hubby's asked for a nickname. He says that if the kids get them. He wants one too. He suggested The Norse God. I call him that sometimes when he does something particularly manly. Because, you know, he's got those grey eyes, and broad shoulders and incredible height like a broad Viking ship . . .


Yesterday was his birthday and he got a little weepy over his birthday gift. Which made me burst with joy! It is so fun to watch his eyes light up like they did.

Then I served individual lime coconut cheesecakes to him and the kids. I ate half of one myself. It was a pretty treat, delicious and completely excessive since I threw a get-together for him a few hours later—sort of spur of the moment—and invited a few of our friends.

Well, somehow a few friends turned into 60 people and we had a full blown shindig. I served lemon vanilla cheesecake, two kinds of pie, lemon curd bars and dreamcicles and ice cream sandwiches for the kids. See why the mini lime cheesecakes were excessive?

We laughed, and talked and—ahem—ate, while God put on quite a light show over the desert.

And I didn't need to eat to feel okay. Because I'd surrounded myself with people I adore and that was enough.

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Jason Stevens said...

You are my light show! Thanks for a spectacular birthday!


The Norse God