Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Finished!!!

I just finished revisions on my Book. Huzzah! Can you celebrate with me? No really. Get out of your chair and do a happy dance.

Even though this was technically my second draft, I basically rewrote the entire book. Twice. You should see my outtakes file. It's got a higher word count than my book. Guess I'm not one of those writers that pounds out a book in three months. I must be the other kind of writer, the one that actually has to work. Bummer.

Well for the most part, I'm pleased with my book.

Oh alright, I'm more than pleased but I'm a little superstitious so I don't want to say too much. Don't want to get too excited too soon. *throws salt over shoulder, knocks on wood and runs like a mad woman from approaching black cat*

I would still like to play with my last five chapters. I know I can make them much, much better but I think I need to take a few days and reflect, pat myself on the back, take a nap and do a happy dance. (Elaine dances so much like me it's scary.)

Because I know that I'm not finished with this very long process. But I am much closer now than I was yesterday and that makes me smile.