Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{Em on a climbing trip}

My oldest daughter is at a girls camp this week. I miss her. It's the first time in five years I haven't been at the same camp as a volunteer. Wow life turns on a dime, doesn't it? 

But the good news is that I get to spend the week uninterrupted with this kid. 

Which means we will probably be doing a lot of this: 

{She's got an obsession with shoes}

Look at those cheeks! I die over those cheeks. And those toes. Baby feet are one of my top ten favorite things.  I'm not kidding. They made the short list. And that chin is way up there too. I used to bury my face in the folds under that chin and smell that sweet baby goodness. And those chubby fingers. Argh. Stop me now before I get her out of bed just to nuzzle her ears. I'm mad crazy for my offspring. The end. 


So sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been under the weather. If you've contacted me recently and have not heard back don't take it personally. I'm working on getting better and it's practically a full time job. 

Love you all. Thanks for sticking around. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Summer!

We found a surprise in our brooder boxes this weekend! We were so excited by the first egg we had a mini-celebration. Farm fresh eggs are the best.

And then we had a lovely fourth with great friends. It was a blast! Kim over at Going Gordon posted a great slide show of the festivities.

Wow, I wrote this post while my kids were watching Enchanted. Can you tell?