Thursday, June 16, 2011

Em got a bike for her birthday. Isn't it cute? She was so excited she screamed and clapped, and jumped up and down. Then I got all chocked up because I'm getting soft like that. Don't you remember your bike? The one you loved? The one with streamers and a basket or big fat tires you could take over jumps? 

Mine came from a garage sale. My mom painted it lavender then stayed up for two nights while I slept detailing it with little white and yellow daisies. She even painted my name on the chain guard. I thought it was the most gorgeous bike I had ever seen. I rode that bike until the vinyl peeled off the banana seat. 

I love the color of Em's bike, mint green, like the ice cream. She's cool like that. One bowl is never enough. This bike says so much about her personality: classic, intelligent, talented, mature but fun, well-read (okay, maybe it doesn't say well read but she is and this is my metaphor so just go with it). 

The best part about the girl on this bike is that she my daughter she is one of the coolest people I know. (And I know a lot of very cool people.)

Happy New Bike Day Em!


Jason Stevens said...

So cool.

Anonymous said...

I want!!!

going gordon said...

I am going to come and steal that bike, so tell Emma she better watch out!! ;)

Hoontah said...

Kim- Emma says "bring it!" as she chains it to the garage.

Jill and Kim, let's get our own bikes than we can go an a cruiser tour!