Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{Annmarie eating her burger.}

Today I spoke to a Girl's Camp from Lehi. I committed to the event a million years ago then forgot about it. I was afraid I wouldn't have the same public speaking skills. Sometimes I can't find the right words. I did alright, though it fried my brain. 

I took Em with me and we laughed all the way home. Hard. It was awesome. I always knew I would love my kids but I didn't know I would like them so much. As people they really do rock the world.

By the time we drove into town I'd crossed the line from tired to punchy. Which is always a great time to have an ice cream and burger with the in-laws. (Insert my big embarrassed grin here.)

The pistachio cream pie milkshake was too die for. I might dream about it later. Piles of pistachio ice cream, nuts, fat cookie crust chunks. Need I say more? 


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, I want one of those shakes!!! Wonder if they're open on the 4th…

going gordon said...

Interesting you should say that you LIKE your kids. I was just thinking the same thing about my kids the other day. I truly ENJOY being with them. My mom always told me that my kids would be my best friends, but I guess it is another one of those moments when I realize- my mom was right, again. :)