Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Real Kissing, Embarrassing Breakups and Skinheads...Oh why?

Okay, I promised some very cool chica's I'd blog about my very first kiss. You know the one girls practice for on the back of their hand to make sure they get it just right.  (Of course I never did that.* Ahem.* I meant other girls, with rainbow pajamas and a Johnny Depp poster hanging on the wall--I love how this sentence doesn't at date me. At all. Thank you, Johnny.)  

Anywho, I agreed that I'd blog about that kiss. The Big One. My first real kiss. And it's not one of those "I kissed a guy behind the monkey bars in the third grade" kiss either. How can a kiss count when your partner smells like purple crayon and processed cheese? No my kiss came later, when hormones had fully set in. And the guy was my first real, knock me to my knees crush. Yeah that kiss. You might have had one of your own just like it. I said I'd blog about that one.

But not quite yet. 

To tell you the truth, I think they'd be happy for me to blog about any of my blush inducing moments.  

Which is why I'm not going to post about such a personal subject until I know that said chica's are actually going to read it. So here's the challenge. Let me know what you would like to most hear about. I will list three of the most significant events of my angst riddled teen life, I'll post the one that gets the most votes. 

Gulp. Seriously, I'm not going to post a word unless I know I have a substantial readership. So you better post. A lot. Or my humiliations remain my own personal shame. 

So here are your options--In no particular order. 

My First Kiss--All of the twittery, earth moving, and yes somewhat embarrassing details. 

My Worst Breakup Story--I was the dumpee on this one. And this isn't a tear jerker, this is a "Grab a half gallon of Iced Mint Tundra Ice Cream and eat it under the kitchen table with serving spoon because your life can't possibly suck any more than this," kind of experience. 

Or my Blind Date from HELL --One word--Skinhead. 

Let my misery begin. 


Mary Campbell said...

I want to hear them all. You can't dangle tidbits of details like these and leave us hanging. If I have to choose I guess I'll pick the first kiss since I am a romantic, but that skinhead blind date sounds hilarious. I am not buying your angst riddled high school days either. I knew you in high school. You were gorgeous, talented, and had the pick of any guy in the school. At least that's how I perceived you. So if you are going to keep claiming that your high school years were so terrible, your going to have to prove it. You could start by telling all three stories.

Melinda said...

I know I fit into the cool chica category in my own way. Five kids, costco pants and suburban included. I vote for the break up story. Why? It's just the kind of mood I'm in...Is that what you want to hear when we will be spending the rest of the week together?! Consider yourself warned...

Pink Ink said...

All of the above!

See you soon :-)

Shari said...

All of them Kristi. Although, I don't know if my vote counts, because I don't know if I'm a chica and I know I'm not cool.

Kristi Stevens said...

Okay, these chica's are college students. They are very cool. As are all of my friends. I only hang with cool people.

Jason Stevens said...

I don't care about the first kiss. Mine was the only one that mattered.


Breakups are boing. Girls come and go on the road to the ONE.

The blind date, though, I've not heard that one.

Have you been holding out on me?


Kristi Stevens said...

Okay. There are not enough comments for me to humiliate myself. You are just going to have to always wonder about that blind date.

Ali Cross said...

Kristi! Do I get to vote, even though I only barely met you at the conference? At least I think it was you I met ;) Hard to tell with your funky Andy Warhol-esque pic.

But I don't care. Cuz I LOVE your blog! Way excited to have found it!

So, am I cool enough for you to hang out with? Does my one vote count enough to push us over to the "yes, I'll share" side of things?

Because if it does, I vote for the break up. So lay it on us girl!

Cindy Beck said...

Hey, you can't get out of it that easily! Just 'cause we're not big in numbers, it doesn't mean we're not loud in voice.


(See, I told you we could be loud.:)

By the way, sorry I missed you at the Storymakers' Conference. It would've been fun to say hi.

Stop by my blog some time and say hi.