Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Word count....0. Don't raz me about it. I was kind of distracted.  BTW Obama's speech. Wow. I finally got to show a speech by a current president without explaining how it could have been better. It's a public speaking miracle. Yay!


kimg said...

Interesting, I didn't watch (don't smirk at me) but my kids kept saying he messed up a couple times. Leave it children to pick the adults apart. (They do it to me all the time too.)
I'm glad your novel writing is going so well. I am very excited to read it someday. My friend has let me read two of hers and the third should be done pretty soon. It has been very exciting. It is also mind blowing to me as to how authors are able to do it. I just can't comprehend writing a book... My poor little pea brain just doesn't work that way

Janette Rallison said...

Hey, get back to work! I want to read your book!