Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm Back

Hello readers.

Welcome to my new blog. For my loyal followers who have waited for something. Thanks for being patient. It's great to be back. 

 I've been on a media diet for the last few months. It was great. Far too much time is wasted on the internet, away from sunlight, living like a vampire in a virtual world. It's too mind numbing for me. Life is too short to waste inside. 

I suppose that sounds pretty hypocritical in a blog. Ahem. It is. So if you want to log off and go make a snow angel. You have my blessing. Go breath in the fresh air and thank the heavens you are alive. 

Ah. You're still reading. Not so easily persuaded aye? That's okay. I'm not always so eager to step away either. Especially when there is laundry to fold, floors to wash, papers to grade, kids to bath and it's twelve degrees outside. Life can really put a cramp in living. Funny thing is, it keeps of plugging along even if I'd like it to stop. 

Yesterday as I was enjoying a wonderful lunch with my critique group--Shout out to Melinda, Jared, Mike, Amy and Kaye--In the middle of an intense conversation on the patience required to write a novel, I realized that I have been working on the same WIP for seven months. Seven months. Argh. I know, you writers are laughing yourselves silly because in novel terms, seven months isn't even a hiccup. Still, in terms of publication, it can feel like an eternity. Especially if an editor requested something in June and it's say...January. Yes, I am insane. And a perfectionist. Okay, my revising and editing borders on OCD.

Anywho? Where did the time go? Did I fall through a worm hole? Seriously? Have I lapsed into some kind of time space coma?

My story still feels so fresh. It's held my interest exclusively for so long, I've barely noticed that it's sixty degrees colder outside. I've never worked on a singular WIP for so long without getting distracted. If my writing were a relationship, I'd be a chronic adulterer. I'm constantly cheating on my own work. But this story is different. I still love it. The characters have grown on me so much I can't imagine abandoning them. In fact on my hour and a half drive home yesterday, I realized that this book is probably the beginning of a series. (My writers group is collectively renting their clothes.) Sorry guys, it's true. I'm in love with a cast of characters. All seventeen and eighteen years old. Can it get any better? 

So now I just need to finish the revision. I have four weeks and six days until I am supposed to deliver it to my group. I'm already at 45,000 words. I have at least 25,000 more to go. Eep! Am I ready for this? Is my writers group? Stay tuned for my progress. I'm shooting for 55,000 words by Thursday, January 23. Can I do it? Stay tuned. 


Darlene said...

Welcome back!

You'll make it. And it'll be fabulous (because it already is).

Pink Ink said...

I know what you mean about blogging. I had to take a *diet* too and when I came back, I didn't feel as compelled to blog-twitch and blab every time something happened in real life :-)

That's great, Kristi, about your WIP. Good luck in your revisions. You're almost there!!

Melinda said...

I really missed your blog.

I'm glad you are back. Good luck with your revisions!