Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday's a Special Day. . .

It's going to take some time to resolve my emotions over what happened to my father. He was mauled by dogs while hiking. He did nothing to provoke them. They just snapped. In fact the owners where so afraid they did nothing to stop the attack. No one is really sure how my Dad escaped. Running on shock and adrenaline he managed to get himself off the mountain and to the emergency room. According to the plastic surgeon, who measured the bites around his face and thigh, those Mastiffs weighed around one hundred and fifty pounds a piece. Fortunately, they missed every artery and nerve in his face and neck. One centimeter to the right on the bite below his right jaw would have ended his life. And people say miracles are dead.

So now he gets to have one of those rugged scared faces that will make him look even more like Clint Eastwood than he already does.

Today is better.

I ran this morning. I had no particular milage goal in mind. I just needed to clear my head. The amount of head clearing I needed took two hours. It's strange running with a shiny new canister of tear gas. It makes me feel less safe—sort of trapped. I'm trying not to get angry but it's hard. I hate weapons of any kind and I hate that I don't feel safe without one anymore.

Three things I've learned this week.

My dad is one tough (insert adjective here).


Don't let life get in the way of people you love.

I've been so busy trying to get my career off the ground I've let it come at the expense of some of my personal relationships. My Dad retired last year and moved from California to be near me. I haven't spent the time with him that I should. Shame on me! How dare I complain about the selfishness of others when I've acted selfishly myself.

The third lesson learned, if you're spending more time online than with the people you love; it's time to shut off the computer.

So I'm having a party for my family to celebrate the end of this crappy week. My kids are so excited they can hardly wait. We are going to eat giant slices of three layer chocolate cake with strawberry lemonade. When my four year old heard we were having a party she wrapped her arms around my neck and said, "Oh mommy, we have to use the princess plates." I'd been saving a package of Princess dinnerware for her birthday but I think she's right. We need those princess plates today. We survived one heck of a week. It's time to celebrate.


Deborah said...

It sounds like your dad had help from the other side.

Anonymous said...

Is SOB an adjective? Some editor I am.

L.T. Elliot said...

I'm so glad your dad is okay. Please, please enjoy your party and have a great time!! Princess plates all around!

Kristi Stevens said...

Deborah-No doubt.

Jill Ann- My papa is a tough guy but my grandma was a lovely lady I promise.

L.T.- It was a great party. Everyone's spirits were high, we had a lot of fun. He is healing well, better than expected. I'm sure in the long run this will be for our benefit

Jaime Theler said...

Sometimes you just need those spontaneous parties. I'm glad your dad is okay and now I'm a little more nervous about dogs. Yikes!

L.T. Elliot said...

Just wanted you to know that I awarded you the Honest Scrap blog award today on my blog. =]

Elena said...

I'm really sorry about your dad, Kristi. That's so scary. My kids got attacked by a German Shepherd on the way to school last year, but we happened to have our own German Shepherd with us to distract the other dog, so nobody was seriously injured.

My husband's comment when I told him this story was that you really ought to call him (he's a P.I. attorney) if you have the dogs' owners' names. Their homeowners insurance should cover your dad's expenses. He shouldn't have to pay for that, and if dog owners won't take measures to prevent that kind of thing, they should have some consequences.

Ali Cross said...

Wow Kristi. Wow. I'm so glad your dad is going to be alright but holy cow. I think he must have had divine helped. No doubt about it.

((hugs)) to you and your family.

Have a wonderful, awesome, truly exhilerating party!

Shari said...

Sorry to hear about your dad. I'm glad that he's healing well.

Hope you have a happy birthday this month, whenever it is.