Monday, June 1, 2009

I have a blister where? Music Monday

It's Monday already? Sheesh this summer is getting ahead of me. I have far too much to do this week to spend time on my blog. But I had to leave something for you to do while I'm feverishly scrambling to catch up. 

For Music Monday, I picked something a little reminiscent of high school. One band stuck with me through all of the drama and angst of adolescence. Especially when my parent's unceremoniously ripped me out of school my senior year and dragged me kicking and screaming from our little cabin in the mountains of Midway, Utah for the urban sprawl of THAT WEST DESERT town not ever to be named here. (We'll call it Area 51.5). One band kept me sane. Or crazy. I'm still undecided. 

BTW Stephenie Meyer got the moving in high school thing all wrong. Maybe if there were vampires in my new high school things would have been better. Not because I wanted to date one. (I have strong opinions about icy metrosexuals in white turtle necks. *shudder*) But because I would have begged them to rip my throat out right in front of that giant statue of a buffalo in the school foyer. Anything would have been better than being the only senior suffering through conjugation in sophomore french. (I hope Utah has finally standardized graduation requirements.)  

Moving my senior year still sits near the top of the list of things in my life that completely sucked. Wedged somewhere between watching my mother suffer through a brain tumor and season 4 of Lost. 

High School did have it's upside. I experienced a gold mine of material for my books. Not the least of which was how to get the lead in the school play as the move in. This is not a good thing by the way. There was no Zac Ephron in Area 51.5. High School Musical left out the scene where the disgruntled ingenue eggs the new girl's house. No wonder I stifled my talents in favor of brutal self-deprecation. Poking fun at myself was much better than cleaning wet toilet paper out of the olive trees. So instead of dazzling them with my abilities, I learned to how be funny and aloof and smile wide even when feeling completely alone. 

But everyday after the school parking lot had cleared and I'd shoved those hideous purple gym shorts back in my locker. I'd drive through the maze of beige and brown sprawl to this CD, cranking up the speakers until they crackled as I sang my lungs out. 

Gross Point Blank is the movie referenced here if you were wondering. Great flick. One of John Cusack's finest. (I heart John. I heart funny men. Nerdy, slightly quirky guys in particular. Nerd guys rule! *Sigh*)


kimg said...

You are so right about so many things I can't list them all here. (Okay, I could, but I don't want to type that much). I loved violent femmes too. I thought I was quite a bit older than you, but I guess some things remain 'high school' forever. (like alphaville). I also heart Zac Efron. I know, I know, I am old enough to be his mother, but I am old, not blind. Just thought I would let you know. I hope it doesn't prevent you from sleeping at night. : )

Kristi Stevens said...

Kim, you are too funny. I'll sleep fine. I'm not blind either. :) Ah. Alphaville.

Mary Campbell said...

I loved Violent Femmes too, and John Cusack ("Better of Dead" was a classic.) Since I am from that WEST DESERT town that shall not be named, I probably should be offended. But since I too wanted to leave there as soon as possible I can empathize with your feelings. I can also empathize with you on on the foreign language thing. I sat through algebra II (which was like a foreign language to me) with a bunch of freshman and sophomores who all had a clue and I didn't. Every time I walked into that class I wanted someone to rip my throat out as well. I'm glad I was able to know you though.

Kristi Stevens said...

Mary, I have nothing against the residents of Area 51.5. I probably would have been miserable wherever my parents moved me. It was the moving as a senior that sucked rocks, not the people. There are some very cool people from the radioactive zone. You're one of them.

P.S. On particularly dark nights I still give off a green glow. Do you? I think it's from bridge jumping into that river.

Melinda said...

Did Jason jump, too? Because his legs when we were camping...nevermind.

Great post. Kind of a weird song.

John Cusack is hot. And Zac Efron, too.

Mary Campbell said...

I only glow on special occasions.

JaredNGarrett said...

Violent Femmes played an important role in my teenager-hood. I want to shake your hand for posting that one. But don't post Country Death Song. It's creepy.

Are you sure Zac Efron isn't too pretty? Don't you prefer brawny and manly?

Kristi Stevens said...

Jared, I like pretty and manly. I can appreciate all forms of male beauty. Except for meterosexuals in white turtle necks. I try to avoid men who take more time on their hair than I do.

Janette Rallison said...

I moved my senior year too! I went from Washington to Kentucky. I knew we were soul mates for a reason!

Pink Ink said...

I love John Cusack movies!! Although I have not seen GPB.

And I agree, summer is here and what am I doing blogging and staying up?

Oh, that's right, the kids can sleep in!

Robert said...

Your aloof smile was the best thing about high school.

Kristi Stevens said...

Thanks Robert. I don't know what I would have done without your friendship in high school. Those midnight runs to Provo where the best.