Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back from LTUE

A brief list of things I learned at the Life The Universe and Everything 2009 Writing conference. (In no particular order.)

1-For every ten dollars spent on books at the BYU bookstore, you get a voucher for a basketball game. (I came home with 17.)

2- Snap! Ferrero Raffello Coconut Almond Treats are out of this world. 

4-That Dashner Dude can really work a room. 

5-The Utah writer talent pool is very, very deep. 

6-My geek rating is higher than I thought.

7-It is possible to laugh tears of joy for three straight hours. 

8-Apparently, Wii Fit Yoga gives the participant a score. I won't even go there. 

9-There is still a cool kids table, I am still not on it. 

10- If you don't sell your book, nobody else will. 

11-False modesty is for fools. 

12. Even if an incredibly famous author says that he/she loved your stuff and would do everything possible to help you get published, doesn't mean they will actually remember who you are six months later after you've finished said book. 

13. You can wait years for a publisher to bite. When they do, set the hook as quickly as possible.

14. The story happens for the reader in the white space between the words. 

And finally, since the LTUE didn't cost me a dime, 

15. The best things in life really are Free. 


Shari said...

I had a great time, too! Can't wait for Storymakers so we can hang out some more.

Karen Hoover said...

Me too! I had a blast with you. You are one wicked awesome lady!

Anonymous said...

2- *beep* yes they are!

6- There was a geek-rating machine there? Dang! I missed it! (I even brought quarters.)

7- You laugh tears? Do you cry guffaws?

8- You have a problem with competitive yoga? Huh? Do you? Yeah, that's what I thought.

2nd 8- Who needs the cool table when you can be at the HOT table?

14- You'll be receiving my invoice in the mail.

Pink Ink said...

Kristi, I thought of you this weekend after I read a review of Tracy Hickman's newest. So your book is done? Congrats!!

Suzy Toronto Studios said...

Could you please email me so we can chat....BTW.. I love your blog and your writing...
Suzy...Amy's Mom....

JaredNGarrett said...

Hey Kristi,
Sounds like LTUE was great. I had to deliberately choose to not go...

Loving your blog. Thanks for your comments on mine.

Keep it up, you're going to make it.